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I program firmware in C and assembly.

I have written complex firmware, controlling automotive systems, controls instrumentation, usb peripherals, audio surround sound decoders, and communications devices.

I have shipped products running my firmware on Analog Devices, Atmel, Cypress, Microchip, Motorola, Texas Instruments, and Zilog CPU's and DSP's.


I use ORCAD and PADS for schematic capture and board layout.

Hardware that I have designed is currently being used to control automotive systems in forklifts, as MP3 Players, in iPod, PC, and Surround Sound Speakers, in USB Headsets, in Fire Trucks and Ambulances, as well as other devices.


I have used a variety of PLC's from Siemens, Allen Bradley, and others to automate Refineries, Chip Fabs, Waste Water Treatment Plants, and Pharmaceutical Facilities .

My code runs in installations including Intel's MOS 13 Fab, Baxter Pharmaceutical's Thousand Oaks facility and Fujitsu's Gresham, OR facility.

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1987: Graduated from Greybull High School, where I did Extemporaneous Speaking, Oratary and Wrestling
1987: Worked at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.
1987: Began BSEE at University of Wyoming
1988: Saphire Mining in Helena, MT, amethyst mining in Dillon, MT. Hiking and working in Yellowstone
1988: Began working for UW Botany Department, writing Turbo Pascal to control experiments
1989: Marine Corp OCS in Quantico, VA, gold mining in the Bear Tooth mountains and working in Yellowstone


1990: Traveled to Lund, Sweden to work for Dept of Plant Physiology, at Lund Univ., automating plant physiology experiments
1990: Automated the data entry of exploratory core hole data into geologic models for Triton Coal Company using Turbo Pascal
1990: Hacked in to University VAX using a security hole in ftp and finger to get super user privelege
1991: Worked on system to use on-truck PC's and load cells to measure and track loaded tonnage on 240 Ton coal Haul Trucks
1991: Set up statistical process control of coal blending from different mine areas with Symphony and StatGraphics.
1992: Graduated from University of Wyoming with BS in Electrical Engineering, specializing in electromagnetics and optoelectronics
1992–1994: Worked for Shell Oil in Houston, TX and at the ENCOAL refinery in Gillette, WY, as an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer
1993: Gold Mining in the Black Hills and Big Horn Mountains. Rock climbing in The Hoodoos, Vedauwoo, and Devils Tower
1994–1996: Worked for Cascade Controls in Sunnyvale, CA and Vancouver WA as a Controls System Engineer
1996-1997: Worked for US Digital as an Electrical Engineer, Firmware Engineer, and Windows Programmer
1997-2000: Worked for Hyster Forklifts, developing hardware, firmware and control strategies for engine and hydrostatic transmission controllers


2000-2002: Worked for Diamond Multimedia-SONICblue developing MP3 players
2002-2007: Worked for Logitech, developing PC and mobile speakers and headsets
2007: Founded Contour Integration to do electrical, firmware, and automation consulting
2008: My son was born.
2008: Founded pageSALT LLC to do web and phone based 'Software as a Service' entrepreneurial projects
2008: Created CallTheWeb.Com to allow celebrities and institutions to send instant audio messages on twitter, facebook, craigslist, or their websites, using a dumb phone
2009: My daughter was born.
2009: Shuttered CallTheWeb.Com after it failed to gain a sufficient number of paid users to validate viability.


2010-2014: Worked for Sonetics / Firecom developing Firefighter communication headsets
2014-: Working for Ultimate Ears, developing Bluetooth and WiFi speakers and headsets
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